Week 5 – didnt do much … :(

March 30, 2007 at 10:43 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi Keith, gang,

When I thought we were having two weeks to work, I was very happy and I wanted to do a lot of animation. But unfortunately, I had a lot of travelling to do in the first week and dude to excessive travels, I caught fever and cold and am down since last monday when I returned. Fever and cold sucks man.. felt very weak, head ache and body aches were severe, temperature was high and add to that a running nose and sneezes and caugh. Couldnt work at all. Cant even look at the monitor now… it hurts watching anything bright due to head ache.

Neways, enuff excuses.

I was able to do some corrections to the “bonking” animation and the hop.. here they are. Keith asked me to do another animation of the sack trying to catch a high baseball. Have some ideas on how to do it.. like the sack runs way off into the screen where it appears really small and then runs towards the screen and all and in the end misses the ball.. but I couldnt do it. Hope to get well soon and get back on track this week. I think some one was jealous with my animations and did voodooo on me… naaah..just kidding..

neways, here are the animations.

bonking :

cam hop :
hopcam correction



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Won the CG Tantra Challenge!!

March 6, 2007 at 5:35 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi guys!

Good news!

I won the CG Tantra animation challenge 7 (www.cgtantra.com). It was a body mechanics excersize. A simple one. No acting needed. Just jump and try to catch something hanging up there.

I thought that working on this felt really good. It was a nice break from floursacks and I could apply what Ive learnt to a biped. Only 6 of us participated, but it was good. Loved working on it.. And you know what I won? I won a badge on the forums! Here its what it looks like..
Tantra winner's badge
Nothing like a badge and bragging rights.. right?

Check out the animation I did. I worked on it for about two and half hours. Enjoyed every second of it. Crit and Comment away!
tantra_challenge 7 submit

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Week 4

March 6, 2007 at 2:32 am (Animation, Uncategorized)

Hi guys!

Finally calling it done for this week. The “bonking” animation has really exhausted me. I could get what I wanted with the “bonking” sack, but I didnt have the time and energy to really go about nailing the “bonked” sack. ya.. ya.. You can say that I favour the agressor or what ever… but remember, the agressor rules!! ofcourse, only among floursacks that is.. not humans.

Anyways, I also applied some of the corrections that keith gave and polished the previous work.. I made silly mistakes last week.. like not polishing the dive board and so on.. Keith pointed them out… So, polished files.. here you go!

Rope catch Polish :


Dive board Polish:


Hop towards Cam polish:


Bonking phase 1 :


Bonking phase 2:


There you go guys!

As always… any comments and critiques for my animations are more than welcome.


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Week 3.. Polishing

March 6, 2007 at 2:20 am (Uncategorized)

This week is polish time for my flour sack. Went about doing it the Graph editor way, but because of poor rig management during the blocking, it was easier to do it by hand. I placed all the breakdowns by hand for these three shots.

The shot with flour sack jumping up on to the box had a lot of things to be redone. I started redoing it, but it didnt come along as long as it should for me to show it to keith. So, I am delivering only three shots, fully polished IMO.

How are they?

Here you go..
Board Dive :
board dive




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