Higgly Town Heroes!

September 16, 2006 at 7:44 am (Uncategorized)

Finally I found a little episode of this children series online. This series is called “higgly town heroes”. I worked as a animator on this series, when I was working in jadoo works. This is not the episode that I worked on, mine had a librarian as a higgly town hero. I would love to find that one too.

 Neways, had a blast working on this. Loads of sweat went into producing this. This was my first professional job in animation and so, this will have a special place in my heart.

Too bad any of us overseas guys get credits. We worked our butt off on this one with really hard quotas. Much of the props and bg elements were created right here in India in jadoo works. But I guess the production politics and outsourcing policies deny us our name on the little screen. I wish I could be credited on future projects.

We used Maya, flash and photoshop to create this stuff. We had a guy from wildbrain, USA come to India for a first level of approval of our shots. Then the stuff used to go up to Wildbrain and we used to get another level of critiques and corrections from there. Once that is done, they would render this stuff out and have a final pass of lipsync and eyes on it (as they looked different in final render to what we had in Maya). Once thats done, then the show is called done.

We were provided with storyboards and animatic. we had to go through it with our animation supervisor and create the animation. Once our supervisor called it done, then we had to show it to Bala, a very talented animation director. Once he approves, this overseas guy from Wild Brain sees it, suggests corrections and hookups with bg and stuff.. Once corrections are made then it is uploaded to wild brain. For all this, for each episode of 11 mins, we had about 1 month to get it done. But due to so many levels of approval, we usually ended up with a deadline one and half months from start time.

 Neways.. After all the hard work put into it and surviving all the office politics, the final product makes me proud. I know, its not the best animated thing in the world, it might not be so strong on story either, but all said and done, it looks good enough for a production time of 1 and half months with 11 guys working on it. It looks damn good for the budget given and the deadlines. Besides, even a pig loves her ugly piglet.. so why not we? We created it, and with all its loopholes, we love it. Its our baby.




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Cat did come back!

September 15, 2006 at 8:52 am (Animation)

guys.. check this out!

really funny little short film.. I love the animation and the style. lovely piece of animation. This is the type of animation that gets me really inspired.


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Sai Master Speeches! Must listen for every one!

September 11, 2006 at 8:50 am (Spirituality, Uncategorized)

These are very few of those speeches by my Guru given in English that were recorded. I think they are a must listen for every one. It feels to me that English language itself has its purpose fullfilled by coming through His mouth into those wonderful words.


Your life will be touched by hearing those. Its like nectar, nay, elixir itself to your ears! Its the medicine needed to clear up the ailments of the mind. Here them and feel blessed!


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Muppets Ahoy!

September 9, 2006 at 6:30 am (Uncategorized)

My mentor Michelle loves muppets. She showed us one muppet shot from you tube (The swedish chef one) and the piano one and talked through it about its staging and timing and the great acting those guys do with that limited stuff. She was trying to convince us that even though we have flappy mouths for our rigs for this assignment, if we do it well we can do it well. I didnt buy it tho. I always believe that given a PIXAR rig and the pixar computers and disney peoples animation tables and their pencils and glen keane’s fingernails, i could create another toy story. But .. alas.. they wont give me those. I got to make do with my computer, my pencils and so on.. and ofcourse, bear with the AM rigs and other free rigs. You might say “but other AM students are creating awsome stuff with the AM rigs!”.. I tell ya.. the secret must be in their computers, or their tables.. or some fengshui or somethign.. some of them create impossibly great animations and you tell me that they could do it on their own? u got to be kidding!

 To cheer myself up in this miserable predicament.. Heres something!


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Hit it! Operation Phase – 2!

September 5, 2006 at 11:42 pm (Animation, Uncategorized)

Hi guys,

I made some changes as suggested by keith lango and added in some break downs.. This is how far I got..
Again, its Plastic animation Paper…


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Hit it! Operation Phase -1

September 5, 2006 at 7:22 pm (Animation, Uncategorized)

Hi guys,
This is my first APT assignment.

In this, me and keith decided to have a cartoony kind of a shot so that i can understand how to do it. So he gave me this assignment where a guy has to bang the ground thrice with his sledge hammer. the thing is.. it has to be cartoony and it should have the classic “guy in the air while hitting” thing. The guy has to be in the air all through the three hits, but it should still feel like the weight of the hammer is effecting him and so on.

So, I started roughing it out in Plastic animation Paper and sent this to Keith.

Keith saw this and asked me to plan it more closely.. more precisely and wanted to see the movement broken down more. Thats what ill do in the coming days.

Having loads of fun with this one. This is the kind of stuff that I always wanted to animate. A cleaner and more precise one will be up in a couple of days! so check back soon.


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I look Good!

September 3, 2006 at 4:01 pm (Animation, Animation Mentor)

I am animating a line from Will ferrell movie Anchorman. This is our second assignment of class three. Right now its in a post blocking – pre polish stage.. which means, its in that nasty, about to spline phase. Just got my breakdowns in there.. still needs lots of breakdowns, overlaps, arcs, eyes, lids, head tilts and loads of polish on stuff like hands and elbows and fingers.. which I will kinda work on in the coming weeks..

Check it out!


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Hi guys! My blog! hurrah!

September 3, 2006 at 3:52 pm (Animation)

Hi people!

 Here is my blog! finally got one that I like!

Here I would be posting my thoughts and other such stuff, but mostly, it will be animation oriented. I would be posting Work in progress of my animations from www.Animationmentor.com and Animation Personal Trainer ( www.keithlango.com )

 As a start.. Here is the links to my Term 1 and Term 2 animation compilations from Animation mentor.com . Term three stuff (in progress) will be up soon.

Term 1 Compilation:

Term 2 Compilation :

And here is my so called Demoreel… Its just a patchwork of good and bad, old and new animations that I choose to call Demoreel, for the fun of it.. It needs serious editing.. i know.. but i would do it when its worth it. I mean, what use is good editing when your animation is kinda half-assed? neways.. here you go..

Animation Term 3 work will be coming up soon.. so keep checking back!


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